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Side Quivers

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The popular plains-style quiver made from chrome tan cowhide or suede
24" long with adjustable strap. Comes with a feather
Specify right or left.

Available in: Cowhide, or Suede.
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This nice Lakota is made from brown or buck-tan cowhide. It has a handy pocket for all your odds and ends with an antler button. The quiver is about 24 inches long and will handle 8 to 10 arrows. These are comfortable to wear on the range for 3D shoots or in the back yard.
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The Super Lakota is the same quiver as the Lakota with Pocket, only with all the decoration. It has a pocket & antler button, beadwork, and feathers. Great to use or hang on the wall in the off season.
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Made for the hunter!

This quiver is made from 5 to 6 oz Chrome tan leather with a full 10 oz. welt along the edge and fully reinforced at the bottom for broadheads.
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The new Arrow Scabbard is great on the range and great in the field. It is built from really nice 10 to 12 oz. dark brown (pictured) or medium brown English Bridle leather. The standard scabbard is 24 inches long but can be built to fit your arrows( 2 lengths are pictured). The rounded bottom has a full welt around it for strength and durability and comes with a heavy foam plug so that broadheads may be used easily in this quiver. you don't need the plug when using regular target arrows. The scabbard is worn on your side with the feathers pointing behind you. The arrows come out of the long extraction hole on the upper edge which gives easy access to the arrows without reaching. The Scabbard has a quick adjust strap with a Conway buckle and is well balanced light comfortable and easy to use. The Scabbard will easily hold 10 to 12 target arrows or 5 or 6 broadheads with the foam plug.

I also make one that is smaller in width which will hold about 6 to 12 target arrows or 3 or 4 broadheads with the heavy foam plug. The ultimate go-light rig. It is basically the same size as the side kick 3 without the feather cover. You can get it in 22 or 24 inch length.
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The Side Kick II is built like the Arrow Scabbards but has the hood piece over the feathers like the Side Kick Same great balance and versatility as the Side Kick but in a slimmed down version. The side Kick II holds 10 to 12 arrows with field points or 5 or 6 broadheads with the foam plug that is included. Comes in brown 10 to 12 oz saddle skirting leather. The standard lengths are 33 and 30 inches.
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This is the new Sidekick III it is based on my small scabbard which I don't have pictured.

It will hold three broadhead arrows with a foam plug to put them into but will also handle 10 field point arrows when you are on the range. It is really light but heavy duty made from 10 to 12 oz brown saddle skirting. The sidekick III is the ultimate quiver for the guys that only carry a few arrows when they are hunting. The standard lengths are 33 and 30 inches.
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This is the new and improved Sidekick. Still the same great design, but now built better, out of better leather and with a super reinforced arrow extraction hole Standard model is 33 inches. .

The 3D Sidekick looks like this picture but is only 30 inches long ...made for shorter arrows.

Finally, the ultimate hunting quiver that can be used on the range too! Wear it on you side - Left or Right. Put it behind you for heavy brush. Sit it on your lap when you're on a stump. Color code your shafts for broadheads, blunts, judo, or field points. Fletching is protected. Once you try it you will be convinced! Made of heavy vegetable tanned leather, reinforced top and bottom. Holds a dozen arrows. Heavy waxed finish and easy-adjust strap! Arrows come out point first without any big arm movements.
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This is the sidekick without the feather cover. There seems to be interest in this so I thought I would include a couple of pictures.
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This is a new idea from one of my customers...seems to work pretty good. This also has a different cap that has a snap on it to keep it secure.
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Going On a long trip or and extended hunt this is the way to protect your arrows while getting there then remove the covers and you are ready to hunt.

Includes Sidekick Quiver Top Cap and extraction hole cover.
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