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Fur Hats & Buckskinner Gear

Being a "MOUNTAIN MAN" at heart I also make Buckskinner gear.  My fur hats are beautiful and unique.  Each has its own personality!  Wolf, coyote, fox, badger, full drape mountain man hats to mention a few.  Free Trapper hats made out of beaver, fox, coyote, badger, and Davy Crockett hats out of raccoon, skunk, and other popular furs, are made from top quality hides, with a soft quilted lining with a face if you want it. I also have inexpensive raccoon, rabbit, and imitation fur Davy Crockett hats.  I also make mountain man knife sheaths, possible bags, belt bags and fringed and beaded rifle scabbards.

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A - Premium Raccoon Hat - lined with heavy polyester quilting, full thick hide and tail, molded face
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Full Drape Coyote & Fox Mountain Man Hats - B, C, & D ,lined with polyester quilting ,beautiful fur, molded face, no legs or paws
Every one is different and unique
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Skunk Hat - E - same as the premium raccoon hat but made from skunk.
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F - Beaver Free Trapper’s Hat -E - round w/ brim lined with fleeced felt
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Imitation fur with real raccoon tail. I make these hat out of good quality material in kids and adult sizes. They are not imported.
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Serving customers around the world

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