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Strap Systems

This is not a center of the back strap system though it can be adjusted that way. This is the solution to your quiver moving around on your back. Once this is adjusted on your back it will not move. You can wear it in any position on your back adjustable in about one inch increments across the arc of your shoulders Left to right , straight up and down, center of the back to Hill style and once you get it adjusted it doesn't move around. A quiver with my shoulder harness system will ride high and tight to your body giving easy access to your arrows and it won't move out of position. If you want it on a quiver that you will be hunting with it can be rigged with a quick disconnect on the strong side shoulder strap so that it will drop right off with a squeeze of your fingers if you get tangled in brush.

The shoulder harness System works more like a shoulder holster rig than a double strap quiver and I can rig it on most of my medium to large quivers. You will be amazed at all that you can do with this...the ultimate in fine tuning your back quiver. Add it on to your quiver for $35.00

This really works! If you have any questions about it give me a call.

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